Collections 2019 | Campaign Video Library

Jul 23, 2018

See and hear our design visions for Collections 2019 brought to life in a series of 15 second videos

Our team set out to reinvent the range, to surprise, delight and inject emotion and we really hope that they inspire you to create beautiful interiors!

Collections 2019 Volume #02

7 entirely new collections and over 200 beautiful new styles and colours led by the concept of calm design.

GlobeWest Design Directions 2019

Step inside our creative hub to see and experience what inspired GlobeWest's design team in the development of Collections 2019.

Behind the Scenes for Collections 2019

Go behind the scenes at one at one of our locations for Collections 2019, shot one frosty morning in the Yarra Valley.

Outdoor Collections 2019

Our premium quality outdoor furniture merges style with scientifically developed technologies for true durability in harsh climates.

Contemporary - Modern-Day Mellow

Carefree comfort emerges when nostalgia takes a tactile, contemporary twist.

Modern - Effortless Equilibrium

Inspire stillness and balance in a minimal play on positive and negative space.

Classic - Sophisticated Simplicity

Create space for quiet reflection with sophisticated shapes and tones.

Contemporary - Soft Minimalism

Comforting curves fill spaces with a soft sophistication.

Retreat - Nature's Retreat

Timber takes on masterful forms bringing heart to homes from the country to the coast.

Eclectic - Bohemian Drama

Design for drama with a theatrical production of high sheen metals, immersive silhouettes and mesmerising colour.

Step inside our creative hub to see what inspired GlobeWest’s creative team in the development of Collections 2019.


Video Production: Willy Karl Beecher

Collections Featured

Modern-day Mellow

Frame 1 - Humphrey Stitch 3 Steater Sofa, Anja Occasional Chair, Sketch Native Coffee Table

Frame 2 - Bogart Square Left chaise, Bogart Square 2 Seater Right Arm Sofa, Bogart Compass Ottoman, Bogart Tulip Sofa Chair, Avery Round Coffee Table, Tepih Tassel Rug

Effortless Equilibrium

Frame 1 - Henley Chevron Dining Table, Bella Dining Chairs, Huxley Bar Cabinet

Frame 2 - Vittoria Vincent 2 Seater Left Arm Sofa, Vittoria Vincent Right Chaise, Vittoria Sleek Sofa Chair, Amara Linear Side Table, Baxter Platform Marble Coffee Table. Vittoria Retreat Ottoman

Frame 3 - Baxter Platform Console, Baxter Platform Coffee Table, Vittoria Langham 3 Seater Sofa, Astrid Arm Chair, Tepih Neptune Rug

Sophisticated Simplicity

Frame 1 - Penny Dining Chair, Amara Rectangle Dining Table, Tepih Neptune Rug

Frame 2 - Amelie Curve Coffee Table, Vittoria Mia 4 Seater Sofa, Amelie Luna Side Table, Tepih Neptune Rug

Soft Minimalism

Frame 1 - Juno Josephine 4Steater Sofa, Amara Curve Coffee Table, Amara Curve Side Table, Tepih Neptune Rug

Frame 2 - Archie Buffet, Elle Round Block Coffee Table, Vittoria Curve Sofa Chair

Nature's Retreat

Frame 1 - Balthazar Tile Dining Table, Avery Croft Dining Chairs, Balthazar Oval Pendant

Frame 2 - Arlo Buffet, Felix Pebble 2 Seater Left Arm Sofa, Felix Pebble Right Chaise, Arabella Chevron Basket, Livorno Boulder Coffee Table, Felix Pebble Ottoman, Dakota Stripe Rug

Frame 3 - Huxley Organic Dining Table, Avery Circle Dining Chairs, Tepih Tassel Rug

Bohemian Drama

Frame 1 - Vionnet Baroque Bar Cart, Vionnet Carved Coffee Table, Humphrey Square 3 Seater Sofa, Avery Croft Occasional Chair, Dakota Blanket Rug

Frame 2 - Taj Diamond Dresser, Dakota Blanket Rug, Vittoria Retreat Ottoman, Avery Prairie Occasional Chair

Frame 3 - Taj Dot Dresser, Taj Dot Bedside, Avery Arch Queen Bed Head, Tepih Neptune Rug

Frame 4 - Bogart Curve Sofa Chair, Taj Tribal Stool, Amelie Cross Console, Balthazar Oval Pendant, Elle Oval Mirror, Dakota Blanket Rug