Dining Chair Inspiration Gallery

Jul 13, 2022

From boucle to timber or upholstered chairs, browse by material for all your dining chair inspiration.

Image above: Bloom Dining Table, Smith Sleigh Dining Chair, Sketch Grillo Tall Bookshelf, Lorne Large Channel Vase

Fabric boucle Velvet Timber Rattan


Pictured: Bloom Dining Table and Smith Straight Leg Dining Chair

Pictured: Acre Oval Dining Table, Malcolm Armchairs, Lark Woven Basket and Lark Woven Bowl

Pictured: Benjamin Ripple Marble Dining Table and Muse Dining Chairs

Pictured: Bloom Dining Table, Smith Sleigh Dining Chair, Sketch Grillo Tall Bookshelf, Lorne Large Channel Vase, Rufus Lip Marble Bowl, Arch Sculpture & Marble Link Sculpture, Ridge Goblet Bowl & Rectangle Marble Bowl

Pictured: Benjamin Ripple Oval Dining Table, Lame Dining Chairs, Lorne Totem Vase & Cross Vase and Ridge Pillar Bowl

Pictured: Bruno Totem Dining Table & Nixon Dining Chairs

Pictured: Oberon Eclipse Dining Table, Remy Arm Chair and Ridge Round Marble Bowls

Pictured: Geo Round Dining Table & Chase Dining Chairs

Pictured: Classique Oval Dining Table & Nixon Arm Chairs

Pictured: Benjamin Ripple Marble Dining Table, Sara Dining Chairs & Duke Barstool

Pictured: Henley Chevron Dining Table, Bella Dining Chairs, Huxley Bar Cabinet & Tepih Neptune Rug

Pictured: Etta Arm Chairs & Linea Sleigh Dining Table & Linea Etch Buffet

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Pictured: Elsie Round Dining Table, Tate Dining Chair, Lorne Totem & Cross Vases and Ridge Round Bowl

Pictured: Classique Oval Dining Table, Stanley Dining Chairs

Pictured: Sketch Cove Dining Table and Cohen Dining Chair


Pictured: Sloan Cross Round Marble Dining Table, Linea Tri Console & Claudia Dining Chairs

Pictured: Bella Dining Chairs, Finsbury Herringbone Dining Table, Finsbury Geo Buffet, Raven Tassel Rug & Isla Woven Pendant

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Pictured: Sketch Tathra Dining Table, Sketch Poise Arm Dining Chair and Rufus Etched Marble Vessel

Pictured: Sketch Cove Dining Table, Sketch Poise Upholstered Dining Chairs, Lark Woven Bowl, Tepih Somers Rug, Granada Peak Ceiling Light

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Pictured: Huxley Organic Dining Table, Avery Maja Arm Chairs & Tepih Tassel Rug

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